Malawi court clerks strike over housing benefits


The national police spokesperson did not return calls to her mobile. Zimbabwe and Kenya enjoy good bilateral relations and it is on the basis of these cordial ties that Harare is hoping to convince Nairobi to muzzle the former Zanu PF propagandist, whose tweets are making headlines in the private media. Sources said there are fears that Moyo could violate the Official Secrets Act by disclosing sensitive information he may have accessed during his time in government if allowed to continue spitting venom while hold up in Kenya, which may provide fodder to the opposition. It is being argued by the Zimbabwean authorities that their counterparts should not allow Moyo to undermine a sister liberation war movement without consequence. Moyo is one of the few allies of Mugabe who are still defending the fallen dictator. Is this the New Justice? Since then Moyo has not relented churning out a series of tweets slamming Mnangagwa and his government at every turn. Mnangagwa is often accused of being behind the murder of over civilians in Matabeleland and Midlands provinces in the mid s when he was Security minister.

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The group is called Nippon Kaigi Japan Conference and is ostensibly run by Tadae Takubo, a former journalist turned political scientist. It only has 38, members, but like many an exclusive club, or sect, it wields tremendous political influence. Broadly speaking, Shinto is a polytheistic and animist religion native to Japan. The state-sponsored Shintoism promulgated here before and during World War II also elevated the Emperor to the status of a God and insisted that the Japanese were a divine race —the Yamato; with all other races considered inferior.

In , a splinter section of the group joined forces with Nippon o Mamoru Kai, a State-Shinto revival organization that espoused patriotism and a return to imperial worship. The group in its current state was officially formed in May of , when Nippon o Mamoru Kai and a group of right-leaning intellectuals joined forces. Indeed, for Japan, these elections may be a constitutional Brexit—deciding whether this country moves forward as a democracy or literally takes a step back to the Meiji era that ended more than a century ago.

Then, the Emperor was supreme and freedom of expression was subservient to the interests of the state.


Will the Sparks Fly? A UK-based gospel singer, Carissa is the first of two daughters of the couple who got married in They were too good, too pious to be cheating on each other, the adherents reckoned. Eventually, Pastor Chris and Anita separated in and their divorce was finalised in Anita sparked rumours of remarriage a few months after the divorce with the introduction of Schafer to her name.

The junior judicial workers are now demanding payment of their housing allowance which Parliament approved in July last year. Judiciary union president Charles Lisigeni said they are on strike to.

Etymology[ edit ] The word knight, from Old English cniht “boy” or “servant” , [6] is a cognate of the German word Knecht “servant, bondsman, vassal”. Swithun describes a mounted retainer as a cniht. While cnihtas might have fought alongside their lords, their role as household servants features more prominently in the Anglo-Saxon texts. In several Anglo-Saxon wills cnihtas are left either money or lands. The specific military sense of a knight as a mounted warrior in the heavy cavalry emerges only in the Hundred Years’ War.

The verb “to knight” to make someone a knight appears around ; and, from the same time, the word “knighthood” shifted from “adolescence” to “rank or dignity of a knight”. An Equestrian Latin , from eques “horseman”, from equus “horse” [10] was a member of the second highest social class in the Roman Republic and early Roman Empire. This class is often translated as “knight”; the medieval knight, however, was called miles in Latin which in classical Latin meant “soldier”, normally infantry.

Italian cavaliere, Spanish caballero, French chevalier whence chivalry , Portuguese cavaleiro, and Romanian cavaler. German Ritter, and Dutch and Scandinavian ridder. Bucellarius In ancient Rome there was a knightly class Ordo Equestris order of mounted nobles. Some portions of the armies of Germanic peoples who occupied Europe from the 3rd century AD onward had been mounted, and some armies, such as those of the Ostrogoths , were mainly cavalry.

When the armies of the Frankish ruler Charles Martel defeated the Umayyad Arab invasion at the Battle of Tours in , the Frankish forces were still largely infantry armies, with elites riding to battle but dismounting to fight. Carolingian age[ edit ] In the Early Medieval period any well-equipped horseman could be described as a knight, or miles in Latin.

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The Igbo dominated version of the genre grew out of earlier “Igbo blues ” or ” palm wine music ” and further spread in popularity to the Southern Cameroons where Enugu had considerable influence in arts and culture in towns such as Limbe , Tiko and Douala. Media and literature[ edit ] See also: Held at Hotel Presidential, the festival’s intent was to highlight Enugu as a “film making hub” in Africa including movie premiers and prizes for different film categories.

His home in Hilltop contained many of his unpublished writings which were mostly destroyed by bombing early in the war. The stadium remained the centre of sports for the whole of the Eastern Region until the Nigerian Civil War broke out.

A knight is a person granted an honorary title of knighthood by a monarch, bishop or other political leader for service to the monarch or a Christian church, especially in a military capacity. Historically, in Europe, knighthood was conferred upon mounted warriors. During the High Middle Ages, knighthood was considered a class of lower the Late Middle Ages, the rank had become.

This linguistic relationship, some historians argue, suggests that the Karanga and Kalanga peoples are related, and at some point in history were one group of people that spoke the same language and possibly lived in the same area. While their languages sound similar, spatially however, the people live at least km apart — the Kalanga inhabit parts of Kezi and Plumtree while the Karanga are dominant in Masvingo, and the southern to central parts of Midlands.

It is not exactly known at what point they went so much apart, but some argue that it must be in the early s when a then militarily powerful Ndebele people chose to settle on the Zimbabwe plateau, sending the weaker now Karanga and Kalanga fleeing to the east and west respectively. After they were splintered, their common language assumed slight differences over time. Prominent historian, Mr Pathisa Nyathi argues that indeed there is a historical relationship between the two peoples dating back centuries ago.

Then, he said, the land stretching from the Kalahari Desert in Botswana to Mozambique, was occupied by a people with a common ancestry and language — Kalanga.

Poetry in Africa

He instituted a very strict rule that no blacks were to be ordained or given temple ordinances. Elijah Abel outlived Brigham Young and the validity of his ordination was repeatedly discussed by the brethren see All Abraham’s Children , p. The rationalization for restricting blacks developed over a period of years. Scholar Armand Mauss observed: Also, during the generation after Brigham Young, three other important internal developments occurred that seemed to point to a divinely condoned racial restriction.

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For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it. For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul? No one comes to the Father except through Me. Hai, uwr sohokwe hyo wa se kokwe pay non manon-swawos onok a? Hifa toh nkifra nmbuhat kangr tfit ayakant, to tfit fitoh yuhatn yakruhart? Kotoso mulumolo luwai somiso mo, na uwokaiyoimo. Nokoyo totani mulu ifou ano monoi no haniyo moloi suo suomoko unoimo?

Afa mungwali gawig mas elim nofkena fai. Eno ufekuie danu imumu aneme aneme oima make mufeku wei? Ngub kobur kakl, Obu haeben nao saeb se ora ba sin, obum wakl asaom ora haeben saroklme sao sokl buklaob? Nojuajaari maja na naata Pueyaso jiyanootiniu tama na cuaqueyajaaja, naajaa, nojuaja jaara puetunu na casamijianaa niquitiore Pueyaso, Pueyaso samiitianiniuhuara nojuaja.

Aria eshudok arpesh ta shuko maresh eshudok ba ta shutor eshesh kanak esheshiruh yegeshiweruh? Pineaquero, tecatsi pincantea pimpinateri Tasorentsi irisavicacantempiri anta inampiqui.

Karanga, Kalanga originally from the same area?

These interesting results were discovered during the screening of blood group, hemoglobin genotypes and malaria parasite or M. Advantage and Benefits of Genotype AS It was also realized during the research that being of blood genotype AS sickle cell carrier bestows and confers on you some form of protection from malaria parasite falciparum malaria because of the complex lifecycle of the parasite.

Also, the polymerization of hemoglobin hinders and affect the ability of malaria parasite M.

Judgement of the Court. Delivered by. Philip Nnaemeka-Agu.J.S.C. This is an appeal by the plaintiff against the reversal by the court of appeal Kaduna Division of the judgement given in favour by L.D. Abdullahi, J., in a Jos high court.

Posted on October 27, by najuju Like most secret cults, confraternities and similar groups, members of NBM aka Black Axe cult for a general introduction see https: The axe is the symbol of NBM. Axes are also part of the regalia worn by members. Those are known for gang wars, cult killings and rape at Nigerian universities. There is talk about jus and virgins having been sacrificed at jollies.

In all communications among members the strong name is used. Members of the confraternity have a uniform of sorts that consists of black, white and yellow clothing black trousers, white shirt, yellow tie, yellow ribbon on cap which symbolizes the following: Black signifies identification with the black race and the dignity thereof, white signifies peace and purity of mind and body, yellow signifies intellect.

The color of the regalia depends on the rank of a member. Originally used for the greeting with the clash of forearms, more recently also used for drums. Dodorima in Igbo language refers to honesty, straightforwardness, intelligence, hard working, etc. This entails praises and adoration given to a particular person based on something he did. Refers to a punishment administered to members.

Term used for punishment, especially beating with a cane or whip.


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