With silver plating, it suddenly became possible to democratize the trade of silversmithing in order to make beautiful silver pieces more affordable for customers. With silver plating, customers who had previously coveted items in the Christofle line, but were turned off by the price had a way to get the pieces they loved. Silver plating was the heart of the Christofle legacy, and it could be used for every product category except for jewelry. However, even with silver plated items, it was still important that pieces be easily identifiable as part of the Christofle line. Today, many customers have questions about the items in their collection and the amount of silver they contain. Standard Full Mark The first Christofle standard full mark was used from This oval marking is usually accompanied by several other marks: Another new element was the designation of the silver content in square-shaped boxes rather than the former lozenge-shaped boxes.


Item Description and Condition: Complete with original Christofle Box. These have been in our family for many decades, and we think they were first acquired when in Denmark in the s. Special Payment Terms Apply: However, we will accept PayPal if preferred. Once the funds have cleared, the items will be shipped free of charge via Insured and Tracked Carrier United Kingdom only.

Art History publications of Prof. David N. Nikogosyan Publications on Antique Silver Plate (in English) 1. D.N. Nikogosyan: Marks of Silver-Plated Hollowware Made by Berndorf Metalware.

Your guide to antique pottery marks, porcelain marks and china marks Antique Terms C Antique Terms C — The antique marks glossary from cabaret to cutlery and cabinet to cut glass. Below you will find antique related words or antique terms beginning with the letter C. The list is not exhaustive but we will add to it as time goes by. The descriptions detailed are only intended to be relevant to how the word or term relates to antiques. In some instances we have included pictures to enhance the meaning of the word or term and we have also indexed each word in order that you may link to the explanation when the word or term appears in other pages on the site.

Also — breakfast cabaret for serving breakfast and known as a dejeuner. Also — a tete-a-tete for serving two and a solitaire for serving one. Also referred to a small room in the 16thC. Only applied to furniture in the 17thC. Cabinet popularity increased in the restoration period and gave rise to the skilled practice of cabinet-making with elaborately veneered surfaces. Cabinet making is normally associated with the queen anne and georgian periods and is now generally applied to all case furniture.

Very popular possibly the cause of the mid thC period being known as the cabriole leg period. English and french cabriole legs have similar shapes but the french shape is usually much finer. The boxes, which were made in Britain, are very small in mm in length-with a hinged lid, and sometimes a ring attached for hanging from a chatelaine.

Christofle Silver Plate veiling

The case is rectangular, with a hinged lid, the sliding mechanism is easy to control with the thumb. These have also been described as vesta cases for long vestas, the slide being the matchstrike, we think this attribution is incorrect. Henry Williamson worked between and , so a career cut off by the advent of World War I.

Collectable antique silver, sterling silver, Georgian silver, antique silver spoons, silver flatware, silver hallmarks, silver antiques, famous makers, useful information. Christofle Cardeilhac French Silver Renaissance Gravy or Sauce Ladle – Grade Christofle Cardeilhac, Paris C A magnificent set of early Victorian Elkington.

The glass inset was missing, but I put instead a black cardboard band inside the base that allowed me to assemble the piece and to enjoy its beauty. A silver-plated butter dish made from Gallia metal between and Model The literature information about Gallia is scarce and often misleading. As an example, I can mention the article “Christofle: This Museum was closed in November and that probably was the reason why this web page was never updated. The first Gallia products were proposed at the end of the XIX.

However, rather than integrating this acquisition, Christofle allowed it to continue trading under its own brand as a separate entity. Later he was commissioned to create a new line of cheap tin-based silver-plated products. The idea was that such a new enterprise was rather risky for Christofle, who at that time dominated on the French market of luxury silver-plated products, and it was decided to introduce the new product under the name of Alfenide.

Therefore, on all newly-produced Gallia items the Alfenide mark for silver-plating, a profile of a goat inside a rhombus in a square box, was used. However, once the production proved to be successful, the Alfenide mark on Gallia objects disappeared and instead the Christofle mark for silver-plating was used. Interestingly, the design of this mark for silver-plating was used later by WMF for the construction of its famous “ostrich” mark.

The exact chemical content of this alloy is unknown, but it probably contained also antimony and bismuth. The items made of this alloy could be produced directly by casting and used for the creation of more sophisticated relief or more sculptural forms than those based on Alpacca.

Antique Tintype Photographs

The list consists of designers and maker’s marks that have been difficult to find in reference materials so far. When information is found it will appear with credit given to the person who provided it. Thank you, in advance, for your assistance.

Dupleix By Christofle France Sterling Silver Flatware Set Service Pcs Unused. French Antique – $42, French Antique Sterling Silver Flatware Set, , pcs, Service For 18 Press Judith Ripka Antiques Roadshow Cities Coke Radio Pelouze Rumford Can Lifelike Baby Dolls Candelabra Stamped Silver Plate Dating A Haig.

This paper contains a brief overview of Christofle marks for silver-plating and in addition presents a newly discovered one. Figures 1 a and 1 b demonstrate the first Christofle standard full mark, used from to Literature: The main components of this mark are: We will call such a mark the “CC” oval mark; 2 The inscription Christofle in a cartouche; 3 The item number running from 1 to at least the number which I have in my collection.

It follows that the mean productivity of Christofle hollow ware silver-plated items in the mentioned time period was at least items per year; and 4 The silver content numbers in lozenge-shaped boxes. The size of the “CC” oval mark is between 2. The first standard Christofle mark, used in Fig. The “CC” oval mark Figures 2 a, 2 b, and 2 c demonstrate the second standard full mark of Christofle, used on silver-plated hollow ware in Literature:

Round plate

Please, click on the smaller photo to see a larger photo for more Details. The workmanship of the Engraver, combined with the expertise of the Silversmith together with unmistakably Christofle Quality from the Founder of this famous Parisian Firm of Silversmiths will be evident the moment you pick it up, hold it and and look at it. A Collector’s dream, for anyone interested in Christofle, it’s products and, anyone interested in History.

The Silver has a Natural Tarnish which can be removed with a clean, soft cotton cloth and as it is in fine Silver, it will shine like a ‘new penny’. Use it as a ‘Paperweight’ on your Desk, or in the Bedroom. This is a ‘Rare Quality’ Service for

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The history of this foundry is well documented [1,2,3]. The first foundry was commercially more successful, while the second one was using a more advanced technology of galvanic silver deposition, which was first applied in Esslingen by the German chemist Carl Haegele in , the brother-in-law of Alfred Ritter. In the same year the Esslingen factory was dismantled and its equipment was incorporated into the Geislingen foundry. During the next thirty years WMF experienced a period of rapid expansion, which lasted until the beginning of the World War in This WMF branch was mostly importing the base-metal items from Geislingen, performing silver-plating and then selling them in Russia under their own marks, see my recent article in ASCAS Newsletter [4].

This firm like R. Plewkiewicz company would stay under WMF until and would also produce items under its own mark. The export of silver-plated table ware and domestic items continuously grew, which is testified by the publishing of WMF catalogues in three languages.

Meat silver results

The candlesticks are octagonal with diamond facets, with the stems and sconces conforming in outline with the bases, a “pleasing and balanced design” Peter Waldron, Price Guide to Antique Silver, No , pg These are reproductions of a very popular Queen Anne style, made circa , described as “the most desirable of Queen Anne candlesticks Waldron, as above. The candlesticks are cast, and are exceptional quality, weighing around grammes each these are not loaded, total set weight 3.

A vintage silver plate and glass cocktail shaker with a cockerel on the front. ‘s model height 23 cms – this one has a cork fitting see bottom photos. Sold A vintage silver plate and glass cocktail shaker with a cockerel on the front. ‘s model height 23 cms – this one has a cork.

An excellent quality sterling silver bottle ticket with a silver chain. Weight 32 grams, 1 troy ounce. Fully hallmarked across the front for London Sold A collectors item. Very heavy with crown and lion decor Diameter of top 14 cms. Marked underneath with Belgian silver plate marks. Sold A stylish vintage silver plated bucket with geometric handles and concentric line decorated body. Circa Sold A vintage silver plated cocktail shaker in the form of an old fashioned school bell.

Christofle 2 candelabras ( M-158)

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