Smash or Pass: Frat Boys Edition


College backpack, bag tags and the fancy Nike-issued gear. Or just how much attention they actually receive from the ladies? Well in regards to Twitter, not very often because I have to be following them first before they can DM me. On Instagram, way more often. Maybe five per week. Anywhere from two to four per week.

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But as college presented its truer self, it started to matter very much how I managed with the opposite sex, and I got good at it. My very first weekend in Oxford I met a blond fellow freshman who instantly liked me because of how entirely different I was from him. Instead he is a bank account boy, had some business during high school.

And more importantly to me, the kid is frat as all get out. And when we did he ordered for me.

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Y’all don’t hear me, “We need more Gamma Rays! Well, as I sat on a crowded Metro train talking to a Que another patron aka G. Just jokes, lol, but anyway, after evaluating the misconceptions both ways about Black Greek life, I came up with a list of the Five Biggest Misconceptions about Greek Life: Your letters cannot stop you from being loud, annoying, a pest, tacky, stinky, or uncouth.

I have seen many a Black Greeks do and say things they would have never done if they were by themselves. I genuinely believe that you have a few guys who live the manwhore lifestyle and their reputation rubs off on the whole chapter or sometimes organization. In reality, we spend more time talking about it, than being about it.

How to Get With a Sorority Girl If You’re Not in a Frat, Plus Dealing with a Chick’s Daddy Issues

Anime and Manga All iterations of Area 88 qualify. The Area 88 mercenaries are undisciplined and insubordinate compared to real-life mercenaries. And what’s with the technicolor flight suits? Super Dimension Fortress Macross:

Dec 16,  · Now all I need to figure out is if I’m willing to pay $1, a semester to join a frat. #12 clutch, Dec 15, Josh7 Relax. Rocket Scientist. Joined: Jul 27, Messages: 1, I wouldn’t join a fraternity just because I don’t enjoy man dating. I also feel like joining one is basically like buying friends. Student Doctor Network.

Young was training to be a firefighter, but he also had a great idea for a website. Listening to people’s terrible startup ideas went with the territory. Young and Wickham had been brothers in the Kappa Alpha fraternity before graduating in While they were in school, a catchphrase caught on: This is a photo from their fraternity days, in , which inspired their company.

He thought TFM had similar potential. That was it; the whole idea was right there. Young ditched his firefighter training and teamed up with Wickham to create a blog featuring fratty one-liners followed by their acronyms.

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Data to support this claim? Some things are doomed to remain forever anecdotal. As to the whole question of dating in college, we really need to admit openly some basic things about human development. Nontraditional students who return to college later in life might have different experiences, but traditional students are basically teenagers. I started college at 17 and graduated at

GDI (yes, that does stand for Goddamn Independent) boys are the same to me as fraternity boys, except without the prospect of a formal each semester in New Orleans. But I like GDIs, if that can be considered anything but the largest of generalizations.

Gosling and Iron Pumping Paul Ryan may have lost his bid for vice president, but the Wisconsin congressman achieved something far greater: The hot-bodied politician inspired not one, but two memes in Potato Jesus Octogenarian Cecilia Gimenez attempted to restore a 19th century church fresco, but instead, her amateur painting skills turned Jesus into a cartoon version of himself. The bad makeover dropped jaws across the web over the summer, especially after Gimenez demanded payment for her shoddy paint job.

The Photoshopping wizards of the Internet put the Potato Jesus face on other famous works of art. A Reddit user shared a photo of the grouchy-faced feline and the Grumpy Cat meme began spreading its crabbiness around the web. Instead, they got 10 minutes of the Hollywood legend talking to an empty chair. The bizarre appearance spawned both the InvisibleObama Twitter account and the Eastwooding photo fad, in which people shared images of empty chairs.

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You failed to mention any details about said formal, so I will have to decline. How do we know you are real and not some madeup fantasy from the guys? After learning that the moon landing might have been a hoax I just have to question that you exist.

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Also, all of you that are still in college, you are the luckiest dudes alive! Everything else is pointless. How does it work? You need to focus on social networking within your college and create a very WIDE circle of friends. Forget about the bars and clubs, house parties is where all the action is. Just think about it, the beds are upstairs… what can be better than that? Try to get laid with the hot girls and make good friends with the ugly girls and guys.

Make your social circle as big as you can. If you get some sort of attraction with a girl, move fast! College girls at parties are usually drunk, inexperienced, stressed out and most of them are already looking to hook up. Use this to your advantage.

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A deeper look into the culture of sorority and fraternity life. Friday, November 4, A Big Fat Greek Engagement A new phase of life has recently dawned on me–I am reaching that point in my life where my high school classmates are starting to get married. It’s a scary concept, really, because my perception of married couples is still the image of my parents and the baby boomer generation.

Yet many of my Generation Y peers are diving into serious relationships and thinking seriously about marriage.

Nov 14,  · I’m currently dating a girl that was president of her sorority (zeta) and she just graduated. She went to an all women’s private universitie, so I was like “can’t be that bad.” Oh but they had a frat house “brothers” or whatever at Georgia tech.

San Fransisco Rose for karaoke Thursday: The only thing worse than not making it to Homebar Thursday is being uncomfortably sober at Homebar and subjected to watching a group of Kappas dance in a circle to Britney Spears while taking pictures of each other. Homebar is also great because if you’re not dating your dealer and you don’t have any connections to an SAE, you can always order a gram of coke with your next round of Vegas Bombs and blow lines on the picnic tables out back with your besties.

Go to Uptown and hunt for Dallas pros. During The Day You Should Year-round, a betch can be found working off her iced coffee at Dedman, tanning at the Falls, training for her next half-marathon on the Katy Trail, or charging a pair of Louboutins to her mom’s Neiman’s card at NorthPark. See and be seen any day of the week at Katy Trail Ice House. Tailgating is the perfect opportunity for a betch to go to brunch with her besties and continue getting shitfaced on the Boulevard for the next three hours.

It’s every betch’s favorite way to show she has school spirit by dressing up in her slutty Sunday best.

GDI (The Everyday Struggle)

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