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Premise[ edit ] Promotional artwork for “Crush”, the series’ pilot, featuring counter-clockwise from upper left Shego in green , Ron , Kim , Rufus , and Dr. Drakken upper-right, in blue Kim Possible takes place primarily within the fictional United States town of Middleton, and focuses on the life and adventures of Kim Possible , an accomplished high school student who fights crime on a regular basis, assisted by her best friend and sidekick, Ron Stoppable , and Rufus , his pet naked mole rat. Drakken , a mad scientist constantly plotting world domination , and his superpowered sidekick Shego , who possesses the ability to generate powerful energy blasts and emit them from her hands, making her the heroine’s most dangerous opponent. Fully aware of their daughter’s occupation, Kim’s parents remain completely supportive of her crime-fighting endeavors so long as she continues to obey curfew , but tend to be more-so concerned about the character’s performance in school, as well as her love life. A Sitch in Time , Kim became involved in crime-fighting rather unintentionally. Kim’s sidekick; her childhood best friend and boyfriend as of season four who, [16] unlike Kim, is cowardly, [25] socially awkward , clumsy, and unpopular with his peers.

Kim Possible: So the Drama

Kevin Carr from 7M Pictures rated the movie 3. Reviewer Mike Long from Jackass Critics, reacting to the film as a possible final installment of the Kim Possible series, commented that it “is a fitting denouement, as it encompasses everything that made the show a stand-out on The Disney Channel” Plot Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable have been summoned for a second time to help the toy-manufacturing tycoon Nakasumi, and foil an attempt by Shego to kidnap Nakasumi for Dr.

Despite this defeat, Drakken is jubilant that Shego has inadvertently brought back a sketch by Nakasumi for a potential new toy character. This completes just one more stage in an elaborate master plan of Drakken’s to finally “take over the world,” and “defeat Kim Possible once and for all”.

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Aug 08 I just saw you for the first time in uncontrollably fond and I must say I am impressed. I’ve fallen in love with your acting. I can’t believe the show doesn’t have high ratings. I’ll definitely be looking into more of your works so keep doing what your doing man. Love you Aug 08 8: I will give you lots of love from Ethiopia After finding out that you’re now the main lead on a new drama, I became really really happy for you.

The story, the script, the soundtrack, the cast and how they played their role Every episode always ends with something that will leave a mark. And almost every episode makes me cry. The tv series showed how hard it is to make choices, how those choices affect lives and how it can destroy and ruin a person. It tells a lot about life, pain and reality. You are able to make us feel all that with your acting.

In what episode does kim possible start ating ron stoppable?

A Sitch in Time and Kim Possible: Drakken and his lovely and very sexy assistant, Shego with her best friend-turned-boyfriend and sidekick, Ron Stoppable. Although Kim is a world-renowned superhero, she’s a student none-the-less and must still deal with the less exciting aspects of her life, such as keeping up with schoolwork and homework, managing an entire cheer-leading squad and dating.

Appearance Kim is an attractive teenage girl of average height with long, fiery-red hair; large, emerald-green eyes; and flawless fair skin. She wears baggy pants and a black turtleneck that shows her belly-button.

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A Sitch In Time Kimberly Ann “Kim” Possible is a teenager who fights crime and saves the world on a regular basis while dealing with the normal challenges of being a teenager, such as winning cheer competitions, turning in her homework on time, and maintaining a love life. Her name is a play on the word “impossible. She has also completed missions with Wade, Monique, her brothers, and even her mother.

In season four, Kim and Ron end up developing romantic feelings for each other and begin dating during their senior year. She famously adopts untypical teen slang such as “So not the drama”, “No big” “no big deal” , as well as the series’ catch phrase, “What’s the sitch? A beautiful and popular student attending Middleton High School, Kim has a feisty and headstrong personality that occasionally affects her work, yet she fulfills the role of a protagonist by using her intelligence and sensibility to ‘save the day’.

Though she struggles with embarrassment, her rivalry with Bonnie, and her shyness around her crushes, she more often than not has bouts of maturity, going so far as to act as Ron’s conscience at times.

Ron Stoppable

This is my first blog and may be long so fasten your seat belts and let’s get it started. I absolutely love animation and I can’t believe how much it has effected my life. As the title states, I am going to talk about Kim Possible. One of my favorite older cartoons. From the first season, Kim’s and Ron’s friendship was established as a strong one. Ron was different from any other guy.

Kim Corrao is 56 years old and was born on 8/14/ Currently, she lives in Seal Beach, CA; and previously lived in Long Beach, CA and Signal Hill, mes Kim goes by various nicknames including kim c corrao and kim c serra. She currently works as an occupancy specialist at city hall.

Share This article needs more links. Please improve this article by adding links that are relevant to the context within the existing article. Kim is a high school student and a secret agent undercover. She is unusual in this field in that she has no secret identity. For the most part, her classmates are aware of her work, but do not comment on it unless it affects them directly. At school, she is the head of her cheerleading squad at school, and a straight-A student.

Soon after her site went live, Kim was accidentally contacted by Mr. McHenry who was in trouble, and was trying to contact a different group of heroes “Team Impossible”. Due to a typing error, he contacted “KimPossible.

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Yori is a recurring heroine in the show Kim Possible. Personality Yori was very respectful with everyone she met, the only exception being established villains. Even among people she knew well, she never failed to bow as a sign of respect. She was quite concerned with honor, attempted to behave honorably at all times, and encouraged others to do the same.

This is also how she frequently challenged Ron to take the lead role when they were together, and Ron tended to respond to her expectations, both as a way of both proving himself a hero and hopefully impressing Yori as a bonus. Admittedly, most of things that Yori stated would be Ron’s honor to do could also have been considered either grunt work, or something a gentleman would be expected to do in a lady’s presence which Ron seemed largely unaware of.

Monterey secondary college. She was doing VCE.

Share The Disneycember logo is shown, before showing clips from Kim Possible: So the Drama Doug vo: So the Drama is very appropriately titled because there’s actually not as much comedy in it as I would expect. The focus this time around is still a lot of action, but this time more about changing relationships. I personally prefer the comedy more, but this is still pretty good. Story Edit Doug vo: After a big action sequence between Kim, Drakken and Shego The biggest one being, who is she gonna take to the prom?

In most movies, this would be a really lame subject to focus on, but this time around, it’s about asking her best friend, Ron.

What episode did kim possible and ron start dating?

Have I made myself clear? Perhaps the most complicated character on the show, she alternates between villainess, anti-heroine and heroine over the course of the series. Contents [ show ] History Shego was the only girl in a family with five children and had a bossy attitude. When a multicolored comet struck down in their backyard, she and her brothers all got unique powers based on one of the colors emanating from the comet.

The twins share a power though. Together they decided to form Team Go, however, the constant bickering between her brothers and a growing fascination with evil led Shego to abandon the team and eventually team up with Dr.

Tim likes to go out on as many dates as is possible. Usually, he goes in a group and tends to enjoy the company of many different people. One of the girls he has dated insists he stop dating .

Mission to Hell — Chapter 1 By Dr. Do you need anything? Anne Possible sighed as she lowered her hand from the door overhead and sat back against the ladder. Ever since she got back from the hospital. James held a lunch tray with soup and cheese sandwiches. Director held a package in her hands. She always knew that giving their only daughter the loft would be a problem one day. We should have never let Wade armor the loft and the door. After a few moments, Betty climbed the ladder and knocked on the overhead door.

Kim, if you want to talk, you have my phone number. After a few moments, the loft door opened slightly. A slim arm slid out of the space, reached down, grabbed the package, and slid back, closing the door behind it. Kimberly Ann Possible stood in the middle of her room, staring at the package. Large bags under her eyes gave away her lack of sleep.

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Wed Jan 15, And something sort of sinister cropped up in the process—I learned that a healthy slice of fandom harbors disdain or outright vitriol toward Ronald Weasley. Not in the slightest. But I do have a theory about why the waters might be growing even more unfriendly toward the less flashy member of the Potter trinity.

Trios are a powerful thing. Though most of fiction finds itself constantly obsessed with dependable duos, trios are actually a better model for fighting evil and team dynamics. Three legs offer stability. Perspectives have a better opportunity for variation.

Kim and Ron all Kiss scenes

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