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Baby Goes to Salalah By Andrea Bailey Imagine a place bursting with lush greenery and aromatic frankincense, a sky carrying the promise of cool gentle showers and creamy soft clouds for company. Welcome to Salalah in the district of Dhofar, Oman, and the setting for my first ever holiday. A state-sponsored Khareef Festival during these wet months ensures regular tourist turnover. Since I would be six months old around the time of the Khareef festival in July, this was as good a time for me to travel as any. With more greenery than you can shake a stick at, Salalah and its cool clime offers much needed respite from the scorching Middle Eastern summer heat especially during the months from July to September. Armed with three days worth of baby supplies, we boarded the Oman Air flight to Salalah from Dubai. A baby bassinette onboard provided cosy comfort and less than two hours later we touched down in the land of flourishing foliage and verdant valleys. Monsoon winds blowing in from the Indian Ocean turn the otherwise arid sand dunes of this countryside into a luxuriant tapestry of meadows and grasslands.

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Sunday, February 08, – entertainment , hotels Ahh yes, that special day is nearly upon us once again, which means expensive flowers, chocolates and other gifts are about to be given to our loved ones. If like me, you like to take your partner out for a nice dinner to celebrate Valentines day, then here’s a round up of a few various Valentines themed events happening around town, and a little further afield too: Sirj tea lounge – RO 18 per couple for afternoon tea while Zara the resident pianist tickles the ivory.

The food is mostly Japanese and Middle Eastern fare – I’d go for the 50 package and get their cocktails!! For those of you wanting to do something very special indeed for this Valentines, The Chedi also have the Romantic Getaway package: Begin with limo transfer from your house, 2 nights stay in their Chedi Club Suite with full club benefits and a complimentary mini-bar.

Palaeoclimatic interpretation of high-resolution oxygen isotope profiles derived from annually laminated speleothems from Southern Oman. Uranium-series age dating and counts of annual growth bands enable an excellent age calibration.

The Al Maha restaurant, also at the Hilton. It offers good regional and international cuisine, and boasts fabulous views over the pool and gardens. I don’t usually visit countries for the cuisine, so I’m not the best person to ask. But I rather like Sheba’s restaurant — again, at the Hilton Salalah. The lost city of Ubar, which is 3, years old. At one time, it was the frankincense export capital of the world.

It’s also mentioned in the Koran, as well as by Marco Polo. When I was there I travelled everywhere with a semi-automatic rifle, but nowadays it’s totally safe, unlike Yemen, which I would avoid.

Visit Kalutara to explore Sri Lanka’s rich culture and exotic adventures.

Beautiful scenery, generally clear water and Indo-Pacific reef ecology, combined with a tourist orientated recreational diving industry. A popular diving destination suitable for beginners through to experienced divers. All levels of training available through a large number of agencies. Major diving destinations include: Thailand has two different diving regions, consisting of the Andaman Sea on the west and The Gulf of Thailand on the east.

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Free use is granted, with attribution, for any non-pecuniary purposes. A Brief Introduction to Arabian Geography A great deal is known today about the geography of Arabia, its climate, the challenges of travel, and the way of life of its inhabitants. When today’s knowledge is compared with the views of Arabia available at the time of Joseph Smith, one is struck with the almost complete lack of accurate knowledge possessed by those who had claimed to the world to be the experts.

Eugene England, of BYU, has observed that the more Joseph Smith “had known based on contemporary expertise the more wrong he is likely to have been. I see three factors contributing to this “expert” error. First, the frankincense trade was a known reality and that frankincense came from somewhere in southern Arabia. Second, virtually all maritime reports were in agreement, the Arabian coast was barren. Third, travel through this Arabian wilderness by westerners had not been attempted and Arabs don’t talk.

A fourth factor, pride, was also a significant contributor. Putting together the information they had gleaned from “eyewitness accounts,” they formed a perfectly rational hypotheses:

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I highly recommend the hop on hop off bus for a great orientation. The highlight for me was the Gaudi Cathedral, closely followed by the Ramblas and numerous museums. What a remarkable country – much greener than I was expecting with friendly people, great food and fascinating sights.

Patent applications relating to the production of plastic shopping bags can be found dating back to the early s in the US and Europe, but these refer to composite constructions with handles fixed to the bag in a secondary manufacturing process.

I’ve dragged my heels a bit on doing this last update as for a while it just felt too hard to write it. Anyway – life moves on and all that …. He didn’t know it was his birthday obviously -just a coincidence. Next day finally we were off heading east towards our first stop the historical site of Khor Rouri KR. This is a very scenic picnic spot -particularly when the Khareef is well underway -when the pastures turn a beautiful luminous though muddy green and the water falls gush.

We’d come too early for all this -but it was still very beautiful a scenic pasture with grazing cows, and Pakistani men selling paddle boat trips and candy floss stuck out in the sun all day long poor beggars! The drive out there was very beautiful with views over the caves and mountains which were occupied by the Sultan’s army and the British SAS during the insurgency. Actually as an aside you have to really admire what the present Sultan has achieved in this country since Then there was virtually no infrastructure only one hospital and few schools.

The beautiful clean looking water at Wadi Dharbat would be tempting for a paddle were it not for all the warning signs about a snail like parasite -the Bil Haraziasis – we googled this and it sounded very alarming -apparently it leads to a total shut down of all your internal organs -quite enough to keep us out of the water!

Cyclone Mekunu nears Oman’s coast, kills 12-year-old girl

Walking up to 2 miles in historic sites with rough, uneven terrain. Standing in historic sites for up to 30 minutes with no shade. In the hotel restaurant. Led by our Egyptologist, we will explore some of the most renowned sites of Egypt: They stand as testament to the architectural and planning genius of Ancient Egypt. We will continue on to the Solar Boat Museum.

Scuba diving is an activity in which you swim underwater for extended periods using Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus, hence the acronym SCUBA, or Scuba.

Oman’s directorate general of meteorology said the centre of the cyclone struck west of Salalah, the second largest city in the Gulf state, late Friday accompanied with strong winds, torrential rains and high tides. State-run Oman Television showed footage of large areas covered with floods in Dhofar and the nearby Al-Wusta provinces.

Dozens of vehicles were seen submerged in several areas. Head of the directorate Abdullah al-Khoduri told Oman TV that the cyclone, which intensified to category 2 early Friday, was downgraded to category 1 after losing some of its strength. He said it would weaken further Saturday morning into a tropical storm and gradually diminish into a tropical depression before hitting the southern parts of Saudi Arabia.

The cyclone also hit areas in southeast Yemen neighbouring Oman. Thousands of residents near the coastal areas in the two provinces have been evacuated to safer shelters as winds up to of kilometres miles per hour and torrential rainfall lashed the coastal areas, officials said. Civil defence authorities said they had set up 65 shelter centres in the two affected provinces. Police said a year old girl died when a gust of wind sent her smashing into a wall. Three Asians who were wounded by the cyclone were rescued.

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Lahore’s Wazir Khan Mosque is considered to be the most ornately decorated Mughal-era mosque. Sher Shah Suri continued to rise in power, and seized Lahore in , though Humayun reconquered Lahore in February Jahangir[ edit ] During the reign of Emperor Jahangir in the early 17th century, Lahore’s bazaars were noted to be vibrant, frequented by foreigners, and stocked with a wide array of goods.

Shah Jahan[ edit ] Jahangir’s son, Shah Jahan , who reigned between and , was born in Lahore in He renovated large portions of the Lahore Fort with luxurious white marble, and erected the iconic Naulakha Pavilion in The population of pre-modern Lahore probably reached its zenith during his reign, with suburban districts home to perhaps 6 times as many compared to within the Walled City.

Google Maps dynamically re-routes based on upcoming traffic patterns, helping you avoid traffic jams. Welcome to the neighborhood There’s a world of places around you waiting to be explored.

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February 1, , 6: This winter, I shed my hat as a political advisor and went as a tourist — to get a bit of sun before heading back to Yale University to teach a course on Middle East politics, but also to see how the Arab Spring has touched the monarchies of the region. I had toured some of the republics — Egypt, Syria, and Tunisia — in , and I found them in various stages of revolt against their rulers.

This time, I headed to Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Jordan to hear what their people thought of their leaders and to try to get a sense of whether the kings and sultans of the Arab world still feel safe on their thrones. This is my journey. He went on in to conquer the Nejd, the center of the Arabian Peninsula, and in to take the Hejaz, the western coast that includes the holy cities of Mecca and Medina — establishing the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in out of these dominions.

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